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Golf Pickcup

PickCup, easy to install and replace, has a soft edge to protect the grass around the hole and easily fits on any flagstick. PickCup improves speed of play, eliminates damage to the edge of the hole, reduces the need for new pin placements and eliminates the requirement to bend over to retrieve your ball. Branded with your company logo.

The invention of the PickCup is in large part a result of the new R&A and USGA rule that the flagstick can remain in the hole while putting a ball that’s on the green.

  • The #1 Solution leaving the flag stick in
  • Easy to Install and replace
  • No more hands and putters, less damage to hole edges
  • Less pin replacements by ground staff
  • No need to bend over to retrieve the ball
  • Soft edge cup to protect the hole
  • Contributes to the speed of play
  • Fits any size and brand flagstick
  • Conforms with R&A USGA rules and definitions Jan 2020
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